Give your business a new lease on communications

As the economy shows signs of more profitable times ahead, many companies are turning to the latest technology advances to boost their agility and competitiveness in preparation. For many, migration to IP telephony with unified communications and tight business process integration is rapidly becoming a priority as they look to lower costs, boost productivity and participate in an always-connected world.

The softening in the economy, however, does not necessarily translate to a softening in budgets, and finding capital outlay for a new communications system may still prove challenging for many companies. Saving cash while taking advantage of the technology necessary for growth is often key to survival. It’s critical that when it comes time to select a new phone system, that you choose a reliable vendor with a reputation for highly satisfied customers.

Are you moving to a new location and don’t want to move your old PBX system? Many companies are faced with the decision of having to pay their current vendor to move their system and install it in the new location — thus spending even more money on a system they weren’t happy with — or buy a new solution that they will love. With the new technologies that are available you can choose one that is ideal for small business owners who want productivity-boosting UC applications that are simple to manage and has a low total cost of ownership.

Choose a solution that is designed and built for the business communication IP age. Simple to install, manage, use, and scale with powerful features that help drive efficiency and boost productivity. Also, look for capabilities such as integration with desktop PCs and Microsoft Outlook.

Don’t want to spend your cash on a new solution? You may want to consider FlexGuard. Flexguard qualifies as an off-balance-sheet item, so you can preserve your cash and protect your line of credit. When the contract ends, you can choose to keep the equipment, return it, or replace it. Some companies prefer to use Flexguard to grow their business — so considering a financial solution upfront is very important.

Finally, be sure you investigate and learn about the lowest total cost of ownership and the technology guarantee. A formula should be available from the vendor you choose…so ask.

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