Slash Mobile Phone Costs Dramatically

Minimize cellular phone costs by diverting calls to VoIP without user intervention. The typical organization today spends dearly on cellular phone calls. By and large, knowledge workers have an overwhelming preference for mobile phones over landlines. And while that isn’t all bad—after all, mobility has been shown time and again to increase employee productivity and improve customer service and satisfaction—for employers that are footing the bill, the dwindling utility of the cost-effective landline system can be a source of woe.

International cellular phone calls are particularly expensive. Calls between the U.S. and Europe or Asia cost in excess of $1 per minute. When traveling, U.S.-based employees can incur cost of $2 per minute or more to place so-called international roaming calls. The potential savings from offloading these calls to VoIP is significant, but convincing busy employees to initiate calls from a laptop is a non-starter.

Companies need help to dramatically slash the cost of cellular phone calls. One way is to automatically offload cellular phone calls to the wireless LAN (WLAN) whenever Wi-Fi is available. Imagine that your smartphones would seamlessly connect to any available Wi-Fi network for secure fulfillment of their mobile phone calls via VoIP.
The cost differences can be staggering. For a heavy user who makes two international business trips per month, an organization can save as much as $950 month—a 75 percent savings over cellular-only calls—without requiring any change in user behavior. For more typical knowledge workers, who primarily make domestic calls, organizations can save up to 54 percent using a mobility solution.


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