The voip business phone buyer's checklist

Selecting a new business phone system can be a daunting task even for decision makers up on all the latest and greatest technology. Long before a single item is purchased, many criteria need to be considered and decisions must be made. Asking the right questions and planning early in the process can insure that the system selected will provide the best results. This handy checklist can help in the decision making and planning process.

How to Choose a VoIP Business Phone System – Step by Step

1. Decide on system technology and platform. Most choose a pure VoIP system. Other options include PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), Hosted or a Hybrid Solution.

2. Decide what business phone features are needed. Unnecessary features can add costs; missing features can lead to lost productivity.

3. Determine calling needs. How many minutes are currently being used, what will the growth be, is international calling required, or is a toll free number needed?

4. Determine how many phone lines the business will need. This is often determined by call volume and can easily be calculated.

5. How easy is the system to maintain? Once choices are narrowed down this becomes a critical element.

6. How scalable is the system? The system should grow easily as the business grows and expands.

7. How secure is the solution being offered?

8. Prepare a realistic budget and schedule.

9. Prepare equipment needs list.

Time taken at each phase of the list will ensure that your purchase process will run smooth and the final solution will be the most effective.

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