Solutions & Benefits

Onsite Unified Communication

When the phone on your desk, the phone in your pocket, and your computer are all speaking the same language, you will see productivity skyrocket. Talking to your customers is now even easier than picking up the phone.


Efficient communication is key to your organization’s success. A unified communications setup means that remote workers are as accessible as deskmates, that your computer is now an extension of your handset, and that meeting with anyone around the world is as simple as remembering their time zone.


  • Instantly translate voicemail to email
  • Click to call functionality
  • Simple smartphone integration
  • Top flight technical support


Stop struggling with an antiquated phone system that doesn’t have the features you need. Both cloud and hosted VoIP solutions offer reliable calls, cost savings, and unique capabilities that will make your organization more effective. Pair your new VoIP system with top notch customer service and you have a winning team.



In any industry, how you run your company changes with new technology. So why are you still using your phone system the same way? Cloud or Hosted VoIP solutions bring your phone system into this century. Your phone can actually work for you.


      • Clear, reliable phone calls
      • Easy portability using smartphone apps
      • Cost savings over traditional systems
      • Huge software integration potential


There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to communication systems. We can build a system that works seamlessly with your already existing infrastructure, including CRMs and other software.


Custom integration lets you do more. Know more about each caller before you answer the phone, track who you’ve spoken to automatically, have your calendar tell your phone when you’re away from your desk -- whatever you can dream, we can make your phone do it.


      • Huge savings potential
      • Improved customer service experiences
      • No need to change your core software
      • Turnkey set up available

Wireless Infrastructures

Your office relies on wireless connectivity. The wireless infrastructure in your office can have a major impact on how effectively you are able to leverage your network’s speed. Even if you already have wireless in your office, chances are your network is not as fast or as secure as it could be.


An investment in your wireless infrastructure is an investment in your company’s efficiency. Revamping your wireless infrastructure will not only ensure that you are working as fast as possible, but also that you have the ideal set up for a secure connection, no matter where you work in your office.


  • Fast connections, even for high traffic networks
  • Wired-like performance
  • Simple planning and set up
  • Top level security capable

Network Assessments

If you find that your in-house technology is unreliable, an insufficient or aging network may be the cause. The symptoms of network problems can include throttled bandwidth, equipment not operating to its specifications, and overall reduced productivity.


A thorough network assessment will ensure that you know how your network is setup and how you can maximize its efficacy. The network assessment evaluates your hardware and software, offering up expert recommendations for repairs and replacements to create the most robust and reliable network possible.


  • Learn where bottlenecks in your network exist
  • Easy to understand analysis of current network
  • Information to plan IT budgets more effectively
  • Recommendations for most cost effective solutions

LAN/WAN Engineering

Your internal network, as well as the network that connects your office to the outside world, are critical to your company’s performance. Even if your understanding of your network is minimal, you may already be experiencing the effects of a suboptimal network.


With our expert guidance, you can ensure that your network is functioning as it should. The right network construction can improve the performance and capacity of your network, leveraging better network coverage and leading to increased company productivity. Network plans that take into account expert analysis are also easier to scale and grow as your company changes.


  • Improved network ROI
  • Better overall customer experience
  • Optimized network expenditure
  • Clear and expedient troubleshooting